How much will it be?

The more information which you can give us, the better we can estimate over the phone. See our prices page for a rough guide.

Sending a photo of your safe is a great help too. Text (mms) or WhatsApp to 07976272132, email alan AT or just call and ask, but see our identification page first.

Do you sell safes?

We can order safes to any specification. We have a limited range of new and second hand safes in stock.

Do you buy safes?

We are not looking for additional safes at this time.

Where is your shop?

Our engineers work from home so we can cover a large area. We can sometimes meet customers at the workshop.

How to choose a Locksmith?

If you are not local to us, first ask around your friends. Word of mouth is our best advert, in fact we no longer use yellow pages or Thompsons because we get recommendations.

If you are looking in your local directory, check the advert shows their full address not just a town name/s. If possible Google the address and phone numbers. Are they also listed under drain clearance, builders, plumbers etc? If so it is unlikely that locks are their speciality. They may just be an agency with no engineers of their own at all.

When you call, can you speak to a locksmith or just a telephonist? If they will not give you the engineers name or number it may be an agency rather than a locksmiths shop/office. They may not even know who they are going to send when they promise to be there in 45 minutes!

Are they a member of the Master Locksmiths Association MLA or Associated Locksmiths of Ireland ALOI? Most other associations are not worried about standards, just the subscription fee. MLA and ALOI have a 'find a locksmith' on their website, see links at the bottom of this page.

We have a minimum labour charge for service work and door opening, we do fixed fee safe openings quoted on photographs. Watch out for adverts saying £49 fee or similar low call out, they often add high charges for drilling locks then again for fitting new lock they also charge silly rogue trader prices for new locks.

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